Folder Gallery Setup

WP Flow Plus

You can upload a collection of images to a folder and have WP Flow Plus read the folder and gather the images, without the need to upload through the WordPress image uploader. Using this method provides fewer features in the gallery since there are no titles, links, or descriptions stored with the images. This is provided as a quick and easy way to display an image carousel. The folder structure should resemble the following:

  • wp-content
    • galleries
      • gallery1
        • image1.jpg
        • image2.jpg
        • image3.jpg
      • gallery2
        • image4.jpg
        • image5.jpg
        • image6.jpg

With this structure you would enter “wp-content/galleries/” as the folder path.

Folder path – This should be the path to galleries from homepage root path, or full url including http://. Example “wp-content/galleries/”. Include the ending slash, but NO starting slash. If you folder path is configured successfully you will see a list of galleries (and shortcodes) of the subdirectories that were found.