Version 3.0.1

This version of the plugin removes all deprecated items. The old PHP reflection scripts are now removed. Only CSS reflections will be supported going forward. The “strict” option has been removed, this only applied to the old PHP reflection scripts The option to store a link in the description field has been removed. Links must…

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Version 2.4.0

Version 2.4.0 introduces an enhancement to the shortcode generator. It is now possible to select images from the image library using the WordPress media library modal window. This is a very easy way to generate the list of image IDs to include or exclude in your gallery.

Version 2.3.8 Release

This version fixes an error in Version 2.3.6 that prevented the proper insertion of the javascript when the plugin was run without bonus add-ons. My apologies for the oversight.

WP Flow Plus Version 2.3.6 and Bonus Add-Ons Version 1.11

We are pleased to present the latest release of the WP Flow Plus WordPress Plugin and Bonus Add-Ons. The main, free plugin now contains support required for the new bonus feature. Slide-up captions

WP Flow Plus Version 2.3.0 and Bonus Add-Ons Version 1.9

We are pleased to make the latest release of the WP Flow Plus WordPress Plugin and Bonus Add-Ons. The main, free plugin now contains the formerly bonus features: NextGen gallery support, Featured Post gallery support, and a convenient shortcode generator. The bonus add-ons now support extended carousel animations.

Version 2.2.3 Released – Firefox for Android fix

The latest version contains a fix to the initialization of the carousel when displayed on an Android device running Firefox. There may be other mobile devices that had the same issue. Sometimes some of the images would be initialized to the wrong size due to the mobile device triggering a resize event. This should now…

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WP Flow Plus updates, March 2015

Admin Area Improvements The settings page has been broken into tabs, grouped by function. Also a new help page has been added to explain the shortcode options. Swedish Translation Thanks to Kenneth Andersson for providing this translation.

Updates coming soon

The main WP Flow plus settings area is being reworked into more manageable tabs New bonus add-on! Lightbox arrow styles (open or closed arrow icons).