Carousel Format

WP Flow Plus

  • Background color may be selected to match your theme. Do not use transparent with CSS reflections as this is not supported.
  • Text color may be selected to match your theme.
  • Captions may be disabled. The caption is the image name for images taken from a folder, and is the image title for images from the Media Library or NextGen gallery. This setting may be overridden in the shortcode.
  • Slider color may be set to black, white, or disabled.
  • Container width CSS may be configured. 100% is recommended to provide a responsive gallery. Any valid CSS may be entered.
  • Container aspect ratio specifies the width to height ratio of the container. The default is 1.9. Higher numbers result in shorter height and vice versa. The ideal value for your gallery depends on the orientation of the images in the carousel.
  • Carousel image size specifies the image size used in the carousel for images taken from the Media Library. All image sizes registered in your installation are offered as a choice. The default is “medium”.